Master Your Market

How to Master Your Rental Market

By Jeff Gunther, 

Conference Session

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    • Jeff Gunther

      Thanks, Garth, for sharing. This article is helpful in the way it outlines considerations on a variety of asset classes.

  1. Mark Polet

    Another point that might be interesting to consider: If remote work is part of the ’new normal,’ then houses need a bit of rethink, i.e. a space in the home away from the kids and other distractions, ergonomic furniture and lighting and sound to facilitate video calls.

    • Jason Mattern

      Great point @MarkPolet and agreed. We are already working with our construction teams and home builders innovating new designs in homes and also secondary suites offering advanced home business solutions.

  2. Jeff Gunther

    Thank you for joining us yesterday! Following our call, I received several submissions by email, text, or phone. Please engage with these comments if you’re able.

    Arlen Dahlen: “An interesting comment: I spent last week calling a lot of my friends asking how they like working from home vs their office. Most of them miss going to an office and want to be back asap. The two main comment were (1) They say too many distractions at home and (2) they miss the social aspect of being around their work colleagues. Interesting…”

    Mark Polet: “A survey of CEO’s indicate an average 10% of all workers who switch to remote work do not return to the office when given the choice:
    I believe it was Graeme who brought up the countervailing aspect of people wanting to physically distance themselves from their colleagues. Most interesting.”

    Jeff Stork: “Regarding a question I’d like to pose for the group, how has everyone found their switch to remote working? Personally I love it as I have no commute and I can see my girls way more often; before I go down to work, lunch time, right after work etc. And I find the commute to be exhausting, and expensive, but now I have way more energy when I am done work and walk upstairs to be with them and make dinner etc. If there is anyway to pose this question to the group I’d be interested in hearing the answers!”

    Eileen Peers: “Actually talking to some Dentists who are expressing concerns about survival, while others look to BUY. There is a concern about locations and the impact C19 might have on the comfort of shoppers having to be in close proximity of a Mall Dental Office.”


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